Redesign JobHero

During the time of hunting a new opportunity, I came across many job sites. JobHero caught my eyes by providing a service that many products on the market rarely do. It aims to help alleviate the pain in job application tracking. However, when I was exploring this site, I found myself had trouble navigating between the job cards. Somehow, it's also not visually appealing. Due to this experience, I decided to initiate a project to revamp it. I conducted impression testing and unmoderated testing, surveyed about people's job application habits, and brainstormed possible ways to improve it. In the end, I further did a design survey to evaluate the effect of the modifications.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional project, I am not affiliated with JobHero in any capacity.

Define Target User Demographics

Before I started to research about JobHero, I gauge a few possible characteristics of JobHero's target user group.

Problem Diagnosis

To begin with, I reviewed JobHero –

Take a look at JobHero→

Default – Grid View with Sidekick open
Grid View with Sidekick collapsed

User Testing

To validate the assumptions, I used the characteristics that I defined to hire the testees. There were two testings I conducted – Impression Testing and Unmoderated Testing. Both testings were focused on the problem diagnosed.

Impression Testing

Through impression testing, I dived into whether JobHero's UI conveys its service effectively.I used UsabilityHub to present the screenshot of the grid view to 5 participants.


  1. The status colors are prominent to the users.
  2. Poor visual hierarchy and too much white space make the user hard to digest the information.
  3. The filter tab (date created, due date, status, etc.) may be unnecessary. JobHero could pick one category (e.g. status) as default.

Unmoderated Testing

To discover the issues on overall using process, I used unmoderated testing to see a real user's full walkthrough. The testing was conducted through Userbrain.


The participant
  1. Did not notice the filter tab and grid/list view switch, which means that the filter may not be useful.
  2. Thinks it’s comprehensive to use.
  3. Dislikes opening a new tab in JobHero.

Setting The Scope

After the testings, I learned that JobHero's overall user flow is decent. However, to make information more clear to the user, some parts in its design are essential to be redesigned.

Primary Goal

Secondary Goal

Some changes can be made –

  1. Only adopt one category. To be more reasonable, using "status" as it's the most important attribute of a job.
  2. Remove two views and re-arrange the cards to help users find the job.
  3. Adjust elements' sizes to build a clear visual hierarchy.

Competitor Research

After setting the goal, I further looked for competitors to understand what makes a dashboard stands out. While job application tracker is relatively rare, I found Huntr, which has some interesting features and an organized visual arrangement.

What Huntr does
– Group the jobs with the same status in columns, an idea similar to Kanban board. The approach gives the user a quick overview of the progress.

Take a look at Huntr→

Sketching the ideas


Due Dates In Sidekick

How can we better notify user about the due items? In default, the sidekick was expanded when user logs in. This made me think of it as a place of showing notifications. When user opens JobHero, Sidekick will be open as it was but with a "Due Date" section that emphasizes the due items.

Mark the Job by Interest

From my experience, some jobs look more interesting than others regardless of their status. Since we no longer need to user color to indicate the status, I decided to use colors as an interest mark.

Due Date + Note

In most cases, user sets a due date because something will happen or needs to be done. Considering this, I added reminder in which user can set a due date with notes.

Wireframing To Explore

Before getting into mockups, I explored a combination of layouts to seek a balanced arrangement.


Sidekick – Due Date items



Evaluate the design

Preference testing

How is the new design different from the original one? Through UsabilityHub, I presented the original and re-designed version to the testees and asked about their opinions.

"It shows better details about each application, such as the due date and wherein the process of application."
"This design is more organized."
"looks cleaner and easier to use."

Without telling testers about which one is the redesigned version, the new design receives more positive feedback.

Final Thoughts

After receiving the feedback, I learned that except for the organized information presentation, there are more things we can do to further help user on their job search by using JobHero.