ifalo – Sports Betting Website

After a few years of operating private sports betting websites (which only serves the invited members), ifalo decided to expand the scale – to make a public betting website. The challenge of the public site is that we need to compete with other products on the market. In this project, I led the design from research through delivery. We analyzed competitors to understand the strengths and weaknesses of them, built the product strategy, IA, and wireframes to discuss and validate our ideas with stakeholders. Though the project didn't run through the end, our team practiced the approaches to break a complex issue.

Stakeholder Meetings

Before we started, I interviewed the stakeholders to understand their requirements and objectives.



Competitor Analysis


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User Scenario

Along with competitor analysis, I made a flow diagram of a user's interaction with the website to understand the user's motivations and required actions. The diagram further helped us to figure out the main features we need to build.

Synthesize Findings

After exploring the main features, I further looked for “Star” features and reviewed the pros and cons of the competitors’ designs with our content strategist, an online sports betting player. From the discussion, we got to see the competitors' designs from a user's perspective.

I organized and mapped out the results in Mindomo to help the whole team understand the structure.

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Ideation & Sketch

Overall Layout

I referred to the common layout of sports betting sites. Since our clients did not need to advertise, to offer a better experience, we split Navigation Menu and Bet Slip at different sides. Both of them will be fixed while user scrolling.

Navigation Menu

Users can save favorite games to the navigation menu to follow up with the games.

Betting Area

In the betting area, most wagers are presenting in two styles, form and list. Form style can shorten the length of the wager table and the list is intuitive to some demographics for odds comparison. For quick scanning, when the user opens a league, all the games are presented in form style. If the user is interested in a game's all wagers, click more to browse all wagers in the list style.

Information Architecture




My Learning

While the project did not go through development due to the communication issues between the managerial teams, the experience of leading design from research to deliverables is rewarding. To me, the most challenging part is to break down the problem and derive the solutions from research. To help come up with what our stakeholders need, we analyzed competitors and built the mindmap to illustrate how a sports betting website can be, bringing the whole team into structural thinking.

Working with various stakeholders was fun, too. I got to see how different people prefer different solutions and why they held those opinions. Overall, I am grateful for having this opportunity to work with ifalo teammates on this project!